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Friday, 16 May 2014

Photo Friday #100

Warkworth wedding
This is my 100th Photo Friday image, as voted for by my lovely facebook fans.

The best man is checking his over while the bride and groom are having some photos taken. Although obviously I caught a second to capture him! I'm quite pleased that this won because at this wedding, the bride's mother had a terminal illness so everything was brought forward at the last minute.

It is with great pleasure that I dedicate it to her memory.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Photo Friday #96

Spring wedding

It's a lovely spring day today in the North East so I'm full of the joys of spring - I even got to have my mid-morning cuppa outside!

To see more photos from this spring wedding, please click HERE.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Photo Friday #65

St Lawrence's, Warkworth, Northumberland

Sometimes during the ceremony it's nice to capture something which is going on that the bride and groom miss because they are busy gettng married to each other.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Photo Friday #32

St Lawrence's church, Northumberland

When I opened the curtains on the morning of this wedding and saw it was windy my heart sank a little. The veil and hair and skirts are going to be all over the place! But then, at the bride's house I saw the long veil and thought "Great! We can have fun with that in this wind" and we did.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Focus on ~ A Spring Wedding

Now that we have Christmas and New Year behind us, I always feel the anticipation of the arrival of spring. Warmer weather, beautiful spring flowers - the bulbs are already starting to sprout! So I thought I'd focus on a spring wedding I took last year. I love the seasons and love it when the details of a wedding reflect the season.

This wedding was at St Lawrences's church in Warkworth on a sunny, blustery day. We fortunately had good enough weather to walk along the river to get the castle in the background. The reception was held at the White Swan in Alnwick.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 1

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 2St Lawrence's, Warkworth 3

Beautiful spring flowers on the pew ends and in the bouquets.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 4

The soft light of early April is lovely for the entrance of the bride.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 5

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 6

I love the softness of the light coming through the stained glass window.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 7

The bright colours of the spring flowers look lovely with the purple of the bridesmaids dresses.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 8St Lawrence's, Warkworth 9

Blossom on the trees and soft spring sunshine.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 10

The blustery day meant we could get some great shots of the full length veil.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 11

A wander along the river and we still found some greenery.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 12

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 13

Warkworth Castle in the background.

St Lawrence's, Warkworth 14St Lawrence's, Warkworth 15

Of course I had to find some daffodils!

The White Swan 1The White Swan 2

Even the cakes had a soft, spring-like palette and tiny narcissi scattered among them.

The White Swan 3The White Swan 4

The White Swan 5

The spring flowers carried on through into the table decorations.

The White Swan 6

The White Swan 7

The White Swan 8

The table plan was like a wishing tree with Easter egg shapes hanging from it with the guests names on.

The White Swan 9The White Swan 10

The White Swan 11

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the meantime...

While you're waiting for images of the next wedding, here are a few from a wedding earlier this year.

The ceremony was held at St Lawrence's church, Warkworth, Northumberland followed by a reception at The White Swan Hotel in Alnwick.

Getting ready to go into the church

Black and white to show off the dress in front of the wonderful doorway.
Taking a stroll along the river looking back to Warkworth Castle.